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Sleep/Awake Clash

I am sometimes entertained rather than be intimidated by odd phenomena that
occur when I sleep. I once enquired about sleep paralysis in this group and
this turned out to be a very common phenomenon, which was a valuable lesson
to learn. Here I have a more psychologically (as opposed to neuro-physical)
issue that I would like to share. I hope it will at least be intersting to
read. It is not trivial for me to judge if it falls under the heading
"sleep disorder".

I may have developed a bad sleep/dream tendency which repeats itself quite
often. I occasionally accumulate some ideas while asleep (later stages of
sleep I ought to add) or form some opinion which I strongly want to be
accessible to me (i.e. recorded) when I wake up. While asleep it's hard to
identify what is a valid or an intersting fact, but nonetheless I sometimes
want to keep it. Again I emphasise, this typically happens towards the
later hours of sleep so by the time I wake up I get disappointed that the
information was lost although I can recall fragments of it.

I am sometimes aware of the fact that I am asleep. Often I realise that what
I tried to remember was useless and not recoverable, yet still I suffer
from loss of what I believe to have been useful knowledge. What gives?
Should I wake up earlier and rid myself from the 'luxury' hours? Am I stuck
in a midst of consciousness and unconsciousness?

Here is a /fuzzy/ paragraph referring to my thoughts while asleep. Last
night I thought I had figured out a way of 'recording' information. Knowing
that I had a bunch of ideas while asleep and knowing that I could not keep
them when waking up (based on experience), I had this odd idea of typing
them on my Palm (while asleep) and synchronising with the desktop when I'm
awake. These ridiculous thoughts interfere with sleep as you can probably
imagine. Needless to say, that did not work either *smile*. Computers,
future prospects and something about a business were the theme of last
night's thoughts. Often it's related to newsgroups or my opinion on
something in information technology. Whether the stem of these thoughts is
content greed or information overload, who knows? Is it disappointment due
to thinking without being able to act upon the thought? Warning signs might
be vivid dreams with GUI's and/or message composition (yes, in the actual
dream) - a message to later 'disappear' for obvious reasons.

Any opinions or advice?


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