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Re: Semantic Searches - Knowledge Engines

Roy Schestowitz wrote:
__/ [Mikkel Møldrup-Lakjer] on Sunday 09 October 2005 18:32 \__

We can help you with that. Start a thread "I love Google" and we'll have a long conversation about the virtues of not being evil.

*LOL* That would be cocky and undeserved, don't you think?

Yes, I do ;-) As much as I love Google, and I *do* think this company has a coolness value and a branded friendliness near the top of the web, I believe these people are heading for serious problems with sticking to their motto: "Don't be evil".

It's a good motto, I like it and I like Google, but I am thinking of how long they will be able to be true to their ideals, now that they are connecting with Sun, taking over more and more companies and launching new enterprises.

Now that the "fight on the beaches" against Microsoft has been declared, I am going to watch closely to see what happens.

What preoccupies me the most is perhaps not the outcome of the fight - I doubt neither will win - but the strategy of the people at Google.

Will they stick to their motto which suggests that you cannot fight evil with evil? Will they stick to fighting evil with good?

Or will they - or have they? - already become a company as companies are most?*

(*As using tricks like Yahoo and Adobe who force users to download the Yahoo Toolbar in order to upgrade their Acrobat Reader).

> Thanks Mikkel. The idea continued to burn in my mind last night and I
> couldn't fall asleep for 2 hours. So, this morning I bought and set up > a new domain. I have a draft proposal already...
> http://iuron.com/

Looks nice! I don't get the acronym though. Eye you are on? Eye euron? Iuron?

> I guess the above is the first link to the domain. The second will
> appear in
> a blog later today, but this will probably end up among the domains
> graveyard.

Well, Day of the Dead is coming up...


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