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Re: Does It or Does It Not?

__/ [Mikkel Moldrup-Lakjer] on Saturday 22 October 2005 13:47 \__

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> I  agree.  To what extent it leaks, I don't know. There is  probably  some
>> weighting  factor  that is intended to still encourage  off-site  linking.
> Some weighting factor?
> IIRC, earlier you guessed that internal links on a site are treated as
> "siblings" and therefore not given much PR-weight.
> This would of course mean that the incentive to link to internal pages,
> and not external, is smaller because less is gained by keeping links
> from a page internal.
> Mikkel

I  believe  that's  true. You would be better off linking  off-site  /BUT/
sometimes  get a link in return. Always avoid building a site that is ego-

A  site  that does not gain inbound links is an island. Moreover,  a  site
that  refuses to link to the 'outside world' is uninteresting, even if  it
manages to get some inbound links.

Imagine  yourself a Web site that talks about exciting software, or  news,
or places without actually giving directions to expand. Why would the vis-
itor ever return? Likewise, think of an academic paper that only talks on-
ly about the exiting development in a single department. It indicates nar-
row-mindedness and almost immediately gets discarded during peer review.

The  beauty  in a Web as in any social network is mutual  acknowledgement,
recognition and offering of several possibilities to the reader/viewer. In
a  Web site, this leaves the user to judge where he/she wants to go,  even
if it means leaving the site.


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