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Re: Webpages not displaying correctly with FireFox but fine with MSIE

__/ [Courtney Goeltzenleuchter] on Friday 28 October 2005 02:58 \__

> I have a site setup on an Apache web server system. Things work fine when
> viewed using MSIE but just show as plain text using FireFox. When I
> download the page and view the page in FireFox from my local driver it
> shows fine. I looked at the page properties and both are type: text/html. I
> did notice that the encoding was different ISO-8859-1 (when it works) and
> UTF-8 when it doesn't.
> The web site is at:  www.poudre-fll.net
> I assume it's something not quite right with the server setup, but I'm just
> a beginner with this stuff.
> Thanks for any advice,
>     Courtney

It would be difficult to test without access to your server (namely commit,
then preview). I have looked at the frameset source as well as that of
pages. Try specifying a doctype at the top or use a different text editor
and then save the file (with different character encoding). It seems as if
your HTML files are treated as if they were just plain text. Both Konqueror
and Firefox respond with that unwanted behaviour.

By the way, I suspect it is not related to the server... but I may be wrong
in suggesting this. If you have access to another server, try it over there.
I could probably save and test it from here if you like...


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