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Re: Checksum (Linux)

__/ [Randy] on Friday 02 September 2005 17:26 \__

>> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> Have you used the checksum to verify that the CD-ROM/s are in tact?
> Used the checksum?  Is that a Linux command?

A checksum verifies the integrity of your data once downloaded, for example.
It is used at various levels in your O/S, e.g. to reject packets that were
subjected to corruption.

When downloading the distro, e.g. an ISO for burning, you often have a
mentioning of checksums along with explanatory notes that will guide you
through the process. You need only run a command line tool and verify that
the number returned matches that which you see on the Web site or is bound
to the downloaded files. Since checksums are quite complex and
sophisticated at a theoretical level (been a few years since I learned it),
if the test passes successfully, you can rest assured that the download was
fine. Don't run a rogue installation as it will only consume your time in

Hope it helps,


PS - Quit the sarcastic comments if you want to receive assistance. You
appear to go bitter sometimes.

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