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Re: [News] Linux Distributors Joins Forces, Settle on Standards

__/ [ Mathew P. ] on Monday 24 April 2006 05:48 \__

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> On 2006-04-23, Michael B. Trausch spake thusly:
>> Marshall wrote in <taF2g.33743$cY3.23974@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> on
>> Sun April 23 2006 02:30:
>>> That article annoys me. Maybe I am unreasonable for being annoyed but
>>> when I read:
>> [snip article cut]
>>> I expect to see at least a sentence giving Richard Stallman and GNU at
>>> least equal mention and credit. I don't think that is too much to ask
>>> for.
>>> GRR
>> Yeah, I know how you feel about that.  This whole world of software that
>> we
>> have today wouldn't be quite what it is without RMS' work in it.  While
>> RMS is a bit of a fanatic, I don't think that free software would be where
>> it is today without him having started with the FSF and getting going as
>> essentially an activist for computer users' rights.
>> I don't necessarily agree with all of what the FSF is for everything, but
>> I can definately see their points, and I for one am thankful for all the
>> influence that they've had in how the world of free software has
>> formulated.  I know that I wouldn't have the quality of software that I do
>> on my system if it weren't for him, and them.  Linux may still have
>> happened -- logically, because there was a need, and that need was
>> filled -- but it may have been under a vastly different license.
>> Then again, who knows -- if the BSDs hadn't had their problems with
>> encumbered code, the whole game would've very likely played itself off
>> quite differently,
>> and there might not have been a need for Linus to start
>> Linux.
> Great post, and great points. One thing I thought I would comment on.
> Linus didn't write the Linux kernel because there was a need for it;
> he wrote it because he was intrigued by Minix and the possibilities
> it presented for expansion and modifaction. One other thing to mention
> about RMS; Linus wrote the original kernel and basic OS - Stallman
> did the work that gave us unix work-alike functionality through
> OSS utilities.
>> Perhaps we'd have 300+ distributions of that running around today,
>> with various different OSS and CSS forks of the system...

You can either blame the omission of GNU in the pronunciation of GNU/Linux,
which makes Linus seem like the sole contributor. From articles I have read,
it is evident that both Tanenbaum and Stallman were/are not too happy with
Linus (re-)use of their vital work. Like Mathew said, the work of Linux was
"just a hobby". To pull the exact quote:


"just a hobby, won't be big and professional like gnu"

Best wishes,


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