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Re: Which finance sites have the best charts for LSE equities?

__/ [ Tim ] on Sunday 23 April 2006 00:41 \__

>>        Use a Web browser with tabs (e.g. Mozilla, Mozilla Firefox, Safari,
>>        Opera)
>>and use Web services like Yahoo Finance or Google Finance. If you have
>>plenty of screen space (or a multi-head display), use several windows in
> Thanks for that. However so far the charts pages I have found have
> URL's that don't fully define the charts so even opening a group of
> pages using a capable browser still requires that I tweak each page to
> get the view I need.

The way I arranged this -- shall we say -- "work process" for my father
involves a single page with many links (i.e. a portal). It contains all the
needed links to be opened in tabs (middle button in most Web browser). These
links lead to pages with a static URL (e.g. Yahoo), so there is nothing to
tweak therein (on-page selection). I would expect the very contrary from
Google Finance, for instance, as they use AJAX. He seems very happy with
this; and productive too. To get yourself a portal, there are many services
nowadays (e.g. del.icio.us), so HTML knowledge or design tools are not
required. Web services as such didn't truly exist (as far as I know) when I
began with this strategy in 2002.

Best wishes,


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