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Re: line breaks?

Roy Schestowitz wrote:
__/ [ tonnie ] on Friday 21 April 2006 09:14 \__

Roy Schestowitz wrote:

__/ [ Borek ] on Sunday 16 April 2006 20:36 \__

<br> is a whitespace.

Welcome back Roy,

...Just irrelevant markup, which is related to layout. In well-designed
sites, <br/> need never be used. In that sense, it should be made
deprecated and then fully ignored. It's only useful for layout that
assumed WYSIWYG-like design paradigms, for those who wrongly assume 'pixel

Well, we had a few discussions over in another newsgroup about <br>.

To be short, it could be usefull in certain situations you don't want to
use a <p> paragraph for each short line, such as in poems.

I think the most correct approach would be to define a class like "verse" and
then use it to hold blocks of text.

With that type of layout, you haven't any control of how the text is seen visual. By altering the font size, the text may clutter and become totaly unreadable. Or read in a way the writer didn't mean the text to be read.

I am not sure how this would be achieved
in (X)HTML, but it's the correct way to get things done in LaTeX, for
example. You retain the semantics too. No poem has new lines.

Thats a misconception of poems. A poem can have text divided into new lines, and most of them do!

By dividing the poem into separate lines, you can emphasise parts of text, make sure that at the right moment there is a pause etc.

Lines are a
'layout thing'. What about the blind or the deaf? It's a barrier of
conceptuality to many of us.

I know there could be a problem for those who are visual or otherwise handicapt. But don't you think a blind person already has learned to handle <br>'s?

Compare <br>'s to the problems he might have with nested tables.

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