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Re: how to run an nntp server

__/ [Dica] on Friday 10 February 2006 13:28 \__

> rogers communications here in ontario is dropping support for nntp (citing
> some crap about how blogs and msn messenger effectively replace nntp).

Bollocks. They either save on bandwidth, abuse complaints, or attempt to
restrict people so that they stop chatting at work. It is simpler to prevent
IM applications from being installed, whereas mail (and news as a
side-effect) applications are a must in corporate environments.

> i've
> got access to a proper web server at work and was trying to figure out how
> to configure win2003 to download existing newsgroups.

Try Gmane. To acknowledge a valued member of this group, I will cite his
personal instructions to using Gmane:


> the only thing i
> managed to do was set up my own newsgroups, but what i really want to do is
> download existing newsgroups hosted elsewhere.

To set up global newsgroups that are actually syndicated worldwide, the route
is far, far more complex [1]. Setting up newsgroup is like installing phpBB
or vBulltin for yourself to use. UseNet is an entirely different matter.

[1] http://www.washington.edu/computing/newsgroups/create.html

> anybody know how to do this with win2003?

I'm afraid not.

Hope it helps and good luck,


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