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Re: Whining about Wine

__/ [ Linønut ] on Saturday 11 March 2006 19:00 \__

> After takin' a swig o' grog, Roy Schestowitz belched out this bit o'
> wisdom:
>> I'd have go with Larry on this one. Why on earth would you depend on
>> applications that do not work natively on your platform? I could care less
>> about bad reflectance upon the choice of O/S, but why is it that you
>> choose to run Wine? It is called Wine for a reason. Those who /whine/
>> about not having a Windows application ought to use it, as a transitory,
>> temporary tool. Others just leave it in where it belongs. It is a valuable
>> tool for transportation of users from Windows to Linux. If you need more
>> tools, just search SourceForce
>> OpenOffice, by the way, is a fine tool which obviates dependence on Office
>> and annuls data lock-ins. Unless you heavily depend on cruft like 'table
>> drawing', nothing will be missed. Such stupid extensions remind me of the
>> following:
> The answer is simple, Roy.  I need to emit documents that don't cause
> messages or hangup in the Word program that our client uses to read (and
> tweak) them.
> Maybe OpenOffice will eventually do that.

Fair enough. Sorry if it seemed like I doubted your motives. I didn't, but
phrasing was poor due to rush. Maybe it's time to give some clients the
nudge, suggesting that they stick with OpenOffice, which everyone uses
(READ: can use).

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