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Re: One PDA Multiple Users

__/ [ Halper.Santos.L@xxxxxxxxx ] on Wednesday 15 March 2006 21:02 \__

> We have a situation where we have one PDA that is used for data
> collection during a work shift.  At shift change the employee logs onto
> the PC with his/her user ID.
> The Problem.
> With each new Windows User that logs onto the PC an IT technician has
> to be called to Install PalmDesktop, setup Hotsync manager, and
> register two third party conduits so that the PDA will hotsync
> properly.
> Because there is are so many employees that may or may not work in this
> area over a given period of time it has become a problem to set up
> every new user that logs onto the PC.
> Is there something that we are not doing correctly when installing
> PalmDesktop and the third party conduits?
> Is there a way to make the conduits and settings global for all users?
> Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

__/ [ henryp ] on Thursday 16 March 2006 15:42 \__

> I may be mistaken, but I believe each sync has to be done once with the
> admin login before the user can sync under a non-admin login.

I cannot think of a fully-automated way.

One possibility is to compromise the machine by granting all users
administrator privileges and access.

The other possibility would be to put the user profiles in a shared directory
or on some server in the local network. Then, each user will have to 'pull'
the data and only *then* synchronise. It's messy, but it should work. Maybe
I can come up with a better idea, so let me know how it goes. *smile*

Hope it helps,


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