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Re: Roy Schestowitz: Oh man

In article <RZEXg.61146$vX5.42966@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
 "DFS" <nospam@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > Roy has averaged 42 posts/day over his lifetime on COLA,
> Scary.
> It won't be easy - at least from what I see of Google Groups Advanced 
> Search - but can you determine how many average Roy S. posts per day for 
> only the days he posted at least once?

A better tool for that kind of analysis is this:


It's better because:

(1) it organizes this kind of data better than searching on Google, and

(2) since it is at Microsoft, it might trigger some interesting paranoid 
posts about how Microsoft is spying on Linux advocates in order to 
thwart Linux. :-)

Anyway, you can enter any day with the calendar thingy and it will tell 
you how many he posted that day and the previous day, that week and the 
previous week, that month and the previous month, and so on.  If you 
work by weeks rather than days, you can easily just go back two weeks at 
a time (since it shows you this week and last week based on the day 
picked) and get a good idea of someone's posting frequency.

Note it also breaks down by threads initiated vs. threads merely 
touched, which is interesting.

If you go here:


and enter this group, you'll get a newsgroup report that is interesting.  
At the bottom of that, it lists the forty "most present" people in the 
group.  This month so far, there is a 9 way tie:

   Peter Kohlman
   Rex Ballard

For last month, there 4 people who posted every single day:

   Peter Kohlman

and several who missed just one day, including:

   Jim Richardson
   Erik Funkenbusch

To make the top 40 that month, one had to post at least 18 days.

Roy was the champion of initiated threads, with 446 that month.  Second 
place is you, with 35.

--Tim Smith

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