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Re: Roy Schestowitz: Oh man

On 12 Oct 2006 06:54:22 -0700, Sean Inglis wrote:

>> This sort of spamming occurs in no other NG that I am aware of.
> It is not spam. They are relevant on-topic posts. You need to look up
> the standard definition of spam. You also need to look at the state of
> a few other newsgroups if you genuinely consider this to be true.

So, If I flooded this newsgroup with 10,000 messages that related to Linux
in some way every hour, you would have no problem with that?

It's a question of volume and quality.  Many news servers rotate content
after a certain number of messages.  Posting 2000 messages a week causes
the newsgroup to flush way too quickly in all but the largest news servers.
Roy posts more messages in 1 *DAY* than COLA has historically had in 1-2

> It has been explained previously: Roy's postings are not made for the
> benefit of trolls, they are made to advocate Linux. The fact that their
> frequency disrupts the attempts of trolls to drag down the group is a
> inevitable side-effect. That trolls can filter out Roy's postings in no
> way affects the relative visibility of his posts to *other* readers.
> Basic stuff.

Actually, what it does is make it much harder for real communication to
occur, and as such reduces *ALL* activity, not just Troll activity.  It
does this by making it too difficult for people to follow threads, or even
find them in the first place.

> The result is that regulars or visitors are almost certain to be struck
> by the preponderance of well chosen on-topic posts that - shock horror
> - advocate Linux, as opposed to pointless juvenile whining.

The result is that regulars and vistors, and yes, trolls can't get a word
in edgewise.  Is it really worth killing nearly *ALL* conversation just to
swat a few nuisances?

Just look at the weekly statistics.  You see that *ALL* genuine discourse
has dropped through the floor since Roy started posting.  

Great Job Roy!

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