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Re: [News] Windows DLL Hell - So Notorious It Gets a Song

__/ [ Peter Hayes ] on Wednesday 11 October 2006 23:50 \__

> In <3727628.tarrfNDZjz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> Roy Schestowitz  wrote:
>> __/ [ Oliver Wong ] on Wednesday 11 October 2006 21:54 \__
>>> "Peter Hayes" <not_in_use@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>>> news:20061011213232316+0100@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>>>> In <ukovv3-5ju.ln1@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> JEDIDIAH  wrote:
>>>>> OTOH, if an OSX app is entirely self contained then how can any
>>>>> sort of code reuse occur?
>>>> Won't most apps have specific code that isn't likely to be of use
>>>> elsewhere except in narrowly  defined cases.
>>>     Yes, but most of the functionality in an app comes from re-use.
>>> Otherwises, every program would have to re-implement its own keyboard
>>> interrupt handling, USB support, mouse configuration, video timing,
>>> support for screen readers (for the visually impaired), support for
>>> all sorts of soundcards, supports for different types of storage
>>> medias (IDE harddrives, SATA harddrives, USB keys, network drives,
>>> RAM drives, etc.)
>>> Then there'd be stuff like drawing buttons, animating them getting
>>> pressed downwards, adding code to grey-out disabled buttoms. Drawing
>>> drop down menus, making sure the drop down menus appear above the
>>> window frame, instead of beneath it, highlighting the currently
>>> selected menu item, etc.
>>>     Instead, code for this is supplied once, and re-used by multiple
>>> applications.
> Yes, code supplied by the OS.
> But a Mac app doesn't generally splatter its DLLs all over the place,
> with possible conflicts with other developers who happen to give their
> files the same name. They remain in the app package.
>>>>> Aren't you just doing what ANY OS could do with a
>>>>> mere static link rather than the dynamic linking which is customary.
>>>> Makes for extremely easy uninstall - just drag the app to the trash.
>>>     This is indeed one very attractive aspect of Apple's design.
>> Like trashing the USB pen in order to unmount it (for safe removal)? I
>> think not... *grin*
> Just right click the icon and select eject, or eject it from the Finder.

This I did not know. The trashing of the device seems to imply deletion.
Speaking of which...


I defended KDE in that discussion.

> But yes, dragging to the trash is a bizarre Apple-ism, like window
> resizing from the bottom right corner only.

In KDE (I don't think GNOME has inherited that goodie yet as I have yet to
its latest -- 2.16): Press down ALT and the secondary mouse button while
hovering atop any windows to resize. This is extrely useful and it saves a
lot of mouse movement. Speaking of legwork (mouse work), someone in the KDE
newsgroup asked about pointer wrapping last week (like in Asteroids, namely
slide off one side and reappear in another), but it appears to lead to
confusion because there are no barriers. 

Best wishes,


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