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Re: Confession of a Microsoft Shilling Advocate

Homer wrote:
Verily I say unto thee, that Roy Schestowitz spake thusly:

Some people disagree because SUSE is not Novell (SLED can be forked).

The people who use and contribute to SUSE take the flak for Novell's
association with Microsoft, and so some of them quite naturally strike
back at any criticisms, misguidedly believing that they are the target.

Given the ferocity of the attacks against users and developers both in community and employed by Novell, is it not surprising that they'd strike back?

From my perspective, they're not, other than my one criticism that they
should also boycott Novell, since their support ultimately helps
Microsoft too,

I don't know where that's come from, since Novell don't pay Microsoft anything to be able to continue in business. As far as I know. Either way, it doesn't affect me any.

but then they'd have to give up their involvement with
something they are heavily invested in (in terms of time; effort; money
and familiarity), so I can certainly understand their reluctance.

I'm heavily invested in SuSE as far as being an end user, simply because it's a quality platform that's worked on whatever machine I've thrown it on. So far.

In one way they are probably doing the right thing by staying, since one
could think of it as stubbornly refusing to allow Microsoft to destroy
their distro - traditionally one of the best available - as they fight
to restore it to it's former autonomous status (or more likely, wait
patiently for Microsoft to simply withdraw).

Not really. I'm staying on because it's quality software. Why should I drop something that works? To go back to XP? No thanks. I'd rather masturbate with a blender.

OTOH, there are undoubtedly those who actually prefer SUSE *because* of
Microsoft's involvement with Novell (I've met quite of few of those
creatures on BoycottNovell and elsewhere). I don't think I even need to
elucidate exactly what I think of such people, other than to say they've
sunk as low as Miguel de Icaza.

Wow. I don't quite know how to respond to that. Except to say that in my case at least, it's nothing political, it's purely down to SuSE being a solid distro with a solid company behind it, and like it or not, they have made some... shall we say, slightly dodgy business decisions in the recent past? I still don't know what to make of that episode, I don't believe it has affected the distribution one way or another; but then, I don't go trawling through every single package available to the platform just to pick fault with them... I just use what works for me (openoffice, gimp, audacity, rosegarden, kino, mainactor, vlc, seamonkey, blender, among others).


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