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Re: Did you run out of new FUD, Roy?

Roy Schestowitz wrote:
Linonut on Tuesday:
Tim Smith fired off:

Almost every PR department or firm keeps files on the
press that covers their industry.  Why do you think it is
newsworthy that Microsoft does EXACTLY THE SAME THING that
nearly every other company does?  So newsworthy that you
repost it even though it is almost a year old?

I agree on this one.  Roy stopped the quote too soon:


Some media members are simply shocked that Microsoft's PR
team keeps dossiers on the reporters and bloggers who cover
the company. That's old news, folks. And not even very
interesting news.

Like it or not, Roy, you /will/ be held to a higher
standard.  Meant in earnest.

What's with Tim's snipping? What is s/he trying to hide? It's
not the first time that I see this. Also mind:

That is Tim for you. He as well as other trolls like Hadron do selective snippages, to remove the context of the message. Then they posts their usual off-topic diatribes / tangents.

"It also was strange to see just how many resources are
aligned against me when I write a story about Microsoft."


The Troll also missed the main point, which is the fast that
Microsoft eavesdrops on people and then posts snitches to
create smear campaigns. I have links to show this too.

My message was posted in response to that attack on "7".
Nessunu, HPT, GreyCloud and other examples come to mind, so
there might be something at work behind the scenes.

It is obvious there are forces at work that want to silence any form of positive advocacy toward Linux or negative exposure toward the monopoly. It is also obvious that there are those who care little about personal privacy or the legal aspects of personal information.

Trolls will whine and cry about Linux users "stealing" code and copyrighted information, which is about as general and as wrong as one can be. Yet it is perfectly legit to stalk posters, post derogatory and untrue information on an individual, attack the messenger rather than address the message.

No matter, I basically see the house of cards slowly tumbling downward. It is time for change and Linux has the upper hand.


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