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Re: [Old] Microsoft's Attempt to Rewrite History, Forum Shills

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____/ Linonut on Monday 12 May 2008 17:17 : \____

> * Roy Schestowitz peremptorily fired off this memo:
>> Did Bill Gates Invent Linux and Has He Erased the Evidence?
>> ,----[ Quote ]
>>| On October 1, 2004, at an appearance at the Computer History Museum in
>>| northern California, someone asked Bill Gates about a possible threat from
>>| Linux and Gates replied: "Microsoft has had competitors in the past. It's a
>>| good thing we have museums to document this stuff."
>> `----
>> http://lxer.com/module/newswire/view/45935/index.html
>> Microsoft has already done some job wiping evidence of OOXML crimes, so
>> everything is possible.
> More:
>    Microsoft's fierce competitive nature has alienated everybody in the
>    industry to the point where voluntary supporters are virtually
>    nonexistent. For quite some time Microsoft has resorted to buying
>    public endorsements and there have been documented incidents of
>    Microsoft employees posing as normal software users in public
>    settings without revealing their true identities. And these are just
>    the incidents that the public has found out about - who knows how
>    many cases have never been exposed for the false endorsements that
>    they actually are? So when you see that rare instance of Microsoft
>    support you need to seriously question whether it is genuine.
>    Microsoft's recent "astroturf" campaign fortunately blew up in its
>    face. The astroturf campaign was Microsoft's attempt to create a
>    grassroots movement in its legal battle against the DOJ by paying
>    people to show public support. It was referred to as astroturf rather
>    than grassroots because the support was completely fake.
> Side note from the funny guy at RoughlyDrafted:
>    After establishing its brand name among consumers as a synonym for
>    failure and the butt of many jokes, Microsoft retreated to more
>    familiar territory in attempting to establish the product through
>    business deals rather than effectively selling it to individuals.
>    Just as with its previous PlaysForSure failure, that meant lining up
>    egregious DRM deals that promised music labels the opportunity to
>    round up consumers and lock them up in a policed corral to be milked
>    of their money.
>    Microsoft's main differentiation over iTunes and the iPod has
>    been more restrictions on content use and a greater willingness to
>    follow the RIAA rather than to challenge it as Apple has.

If Apple alienates the MPAA/RIAA, then it misses out a vector of lobbying.
Microsoft sidles with the same exploiters who can later on be used to promote
Microsoft's agenda, e.g. discriminating against GNU/Linux users. There's also
the push for changes in law that they can both collaborate on.

Microsoft participates (public knowledge) in groups that involve the MPAA/RIAA
and conspire against consumers in a variety of ways. Vista's DRM cage is just
one among several examples.

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