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Re: [News] Another Win for Linux in the Restaurant

Homer <usenet@xxxxxxxxxx> espoused:
> Verily I say unto thee, that Chris Ahlstrom spake thusly:
>> After takin' a swig o' grog, Homer belched out this bit o' wisdom:
>>> So in summary:
>>> Melted butter + flour = roux. Roux + milk + seasoning = béchamel. 
>>> Béchamel + stock = savoury white sauce.
>>> The stock you use depends on your tastes, but you'll probably want
>>> fish; parsley or cheese for a fish dish.
>>> Tune in for tomorrow's recipe: Peach and Champagne Russe in a Wild 
>>> Raspberry and Muscat Compote. ;)
>> Totally off-topic.
> Hey, it's Open Sauce!

Hmm, watching Star Wars VI yesterday with No2 son, I was minded to go
back to the various star wars jokes again...  a re-run follows:

Luke:  These chips taste terrible!
Obi-wan:  Use the sauce, Luke!

Luke:  This Mercedes is rubbish, it's too slow...
Obi-wan:  Use the Porsche, Luke!

Luke:  The car's broken down and I'm late for Jedi training
Obi-wan:  Use the horse, Luke!

Luke:  Damn, I can't get out of this room!
Obi-wan:  Use the doors, Luke!

Luke:  I just can't get comfortable on this moorside...
Obi-wan:  Use the gorse, Luke!

Luke:  The London stock market has crashed!
Obi-wan:  Use the borse, Luke!

Luke:  I can't get through on this radio, there's too much
Obi-wan:  Use the morse, Luke!

Luke:  These cows just won't move out of the way, Obi-wan...
Obi-wan:  Use the tawse, Luke!

Luke:  This golf game is impossible, Yoda...
Yoda:  The course you use, Luke!

Luke:  Han, I've used both my hands, I need to hold this rope, too...
Han:  Use your jaws, Luke!

Luke:  Leia, the emperor has deposed the high council...
Leia:  Use the laws, Luke!

Luke:  I can't get Odin to understand me!
Obi-wan:  Use the Norse, Luke!

Luke:  How do I know if this animal is angry, Yoda?
Yoda:  Use the roars, it will, Luke!

Luke:  Leia, these trees are blocking the way to the planetary shield
Leia:  Use the saws, Luke!

Luke:  Which missile, Han?
Han: Use the vorst[1], Luke!

Luke:  These foreign people are annoying and I need to make a lot of
money for me and my friends, now that I'm President
Obi-wan:  Use the wars, Luke!

Note 1:  Vorst is middle english for first... sorry, best I could do!

... sorry folks :-)

> [groan]
> Talking of sauces, you haven't lived until you've tried my Clootie
> Dumpling and Whisky Sauce, made with an 18 year-old Glenmorangie (ach,
> such sacrilege).
> Yes, I'm a total foodie.

Me too... incidentally, chips provide much-needed carbohydrates, fat and
Vit C, and consumed in reasonable quantity, are a perfectly fine food.

A lot of people don't fry them twice, which is an error to my mind,
equally, it's not uncommon to fry them at too low a temperature, which
leaves them soggy, fatty, and generally not too pleasant.

You need the right variety of spud, though...

>>    Droooool.
>> I feel like I'm reading one of Marcel Gagne's columns in Linux
>> Journal.
>> Un votre sant!  Bon appetit!
> Hmm, I think I may be on to something. Tempt potential switchers with
> haute cuisine. "Free as in Lunch!"
> Slaandjivaa.

À votre santé

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