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Re: [News] Another Win for Linux in the Restaurant

On 2008-11-04, Ezekiel <zeke@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> "Chris Ahlstrom" <linonut@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message 
> news:ovLPk.56818$rD2.12220@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>> After takin' a swig o' grog, JEDIDIAH belched out
>>  this bit o' wisdom:
>>> On 2008-11-03, DFS <nospam@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>>> Don't count on it.  You can eat plenty healthy at McDonald's if you 
>>>> want,
>>>> but they've done quite well for decades with their core junk: burgers 
>>>> and
>>>> fries and soda.
>>>   Let's see...
>>>         Fried food.
>>>         Deep fried food.
>>>         High fat meats.
>>>         Breaded meats.
>>> Deep fried starchy vegetables.
>>> White bread.
>>>         No green vegetables to speak of.
>>>         No fiber to speak of.
>>>         Cheese with unecessary transfat.
>>> Perhaps you were confused and thinking of Wendys.
>> I remember getting a nice salad at Mickie D's, then looking at the salad
>> dressing package.  Oy!  It was almost as fatty as a big Mac!
> It's not just Mc D's salad dressing. Many salad dressings have way more 
> calories than the salad. But then again... you need a good dressing 
> otherwise plain salad just doesn't taste all that good.
> Another misconception is people who diet and eat a lot of fruit instead. The 
> problem there is that fruit often contains a *lot* of sugar. So fruit is 
> healthy and good for you but watch out for the sugar calories.

    Fresh fruit has lots of vitamins and fiber. It's sugars are less
refined and are offset by the rest of what's in the fruit. Also they
aren't just empty calories (like the caramel sauce that comes with
apple slices at McDs).

    The average American eats enough bread in a day that they can
easily exceed the FDA for fiber without even trying so long as they
avoid the white crap with no fiber and all of its vitamins bleached
out of it.

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