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Re: [News] New Guide to GNU/Linux Sub-notebooks

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____/ Homer on Friday 31 October 2008 21:10 : \____

> Verily I say unto thee, that Ian Hilliard spake thusly:
>> Windows was designed to form an incestual unit within a corporate
>> network.
> Actually that was NT. Vanilla Windows had even less security (in fact,
> none at all). The hybrids from 2K onwards seem to have inherited all of
> the weaknesses of Vanilla Windows (e.g. gaping holes like ActiveX), with
> some band-aid security plastered on top (e.g. SFC, UAC, etc.). In *all*
> cases, Windows networking is a joke (e.g. Vista: 1500 packets just to
> delete a file), and the back office garbage they connect to is just as
> bad, if not worse (e.g. Exchange).
> AFAICT the only reason corporates continue to embrace Windows solutions,
> is because of buzzword-junky; clueless; pointy-hairs who think "Lenux"
> is for terrorists.

Someone (or someones) is preaching it to them. There are meetings and
conferences occurring annually. People's hallway chit-chat is no formal
presentation, so you want see this in the Wintel press.

Spotted 3 hours ago:

Blacklisted by Microsoft!

"I guess it was inevitable. After taking Microsoft to task for its many Vista
foibles, and after very publicly excoriating the company over its mistreatment
of enterprise desktop customers, the Redmond empire finally struck back.

"Basically, they blacklisted me from certain super-secret (i.e. pre-conference,
NDA, off-the books) sessions at their Professional Developer Conference
(PDC) –- this after formally inviting me to attend those sessions as
an "esteemed reviewer" representing InfoWorld."


"Oct. 9, 2008 -- A short while later, I get my first hit. It seems that the
whole mess started when the Windows Server team made the mistake of inviting
yours truly to an event hosted by the Windows Client team. Apparently, the
folks on the Server team were unaware of my decidedly negative views towards
Vista, and when the Client folks found out they had invited Randall C.
Kennedy -– a.k.a. Vista's most vocal and effective critic -– to their
special, "for fanbois only" (nice photos, Paul) shindig, they went ballistic.

"First, it appears that someone high up on the Client Team (Steve?) really
doesn't like me. I mean, really, truly loathes me. And it's not just your
run-of-the-mill frustration with a journalist who picks on them. This thing is
personal, and the executive in question is allowing his or her personal
feelings to spill over into the company's handling of formal press relations
with InfoWorld.

"But it doesn't stop there. The "official" explanation for my blacklisting and
subsequent "dis-invitation" is that I somehow "violated the non-disclosure
agreement" for Windows Vista Service Pack 1 Beta by publishing benchmark
results before the update was released."


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