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Re: Ripping CDs in KDE - Can it Get ANY Easier?

LusoTec wrote:

> Snit wrote:
>> "TomB" <tommy.bongaerts@xxxxxxxxx> stated in post
>> ZdONk.63833$KL7.45004@xxxxxxxxxxxxx on 10/28/08 5:36 PM:
>>> This is a *great* Konqueror feature. OSX fans should adore it, as it
>>> doesn't get any easier than this...
>>> I still prefer Grip though. Nostalgia I think :-)
>> I can see the value of having this in the file browser, but then your
>> file browser gets bloated with options for quality of importing and
>> burning, cross fading, what to download (art, lyrics, song titles, etc.),
>> pausing
>> between songs, etc.  Seems to make sense to be in its own software...

Again Snot Michael Glasser, most incompetent "IT teacher" of all time, shows
his utter lack of knowledge.
His remarks about how the "file browser gets bloated" shows one thing just
all too clear: He has never seen it. Otherwise he would not spout such
utter nonsense. *Nothing* he claims here is true

But then who would expect that clueless nimwit to actually know what he is
talking about. Snot/Snit/Rekruled/Brock McNuggets/Michael Glasser knows
only how to troll usenet 24/7 while squandering the hard earned money of
his wife who has to put the food on the table because Michael Glasser has
no time to do so (real urgent trolling needs)

> A single sub menu to select predefined ripping configurations and manage
> configurations is all it takes. It would keep the file manager GUI
> uncluttered and still allow easy access to a multitude of configuration
> options.
> This kind of UI is perfect for people like me, that create a small set of
> predefined configurations (e.g. archive flac, high quality ogg, mobile
> player mp3) and rarely, if ever, mess with the configuration again.

Well, Konqueror really shines with this stuff. And since most of those
features are really just plugins (kio-slaves), it is not neeedlessly
bloating Konqueror for people who don't use such features (another feature
I often use is the find/locate kio-slave for Konqueror)

And since OSX (or windows, for that matter) have nothing which comes even
close in ease of use, Michael Glasser simply has to chime in with his

> Of course, a ripping program independent from the file manager should also
> exist, even if it gives the exact same features.

Right. As most of these apps (even Konqueror itself) rely on the service of
other libraries and apps, it is ususally easy to have external apps which
provide those features as well. As is the case, naturally.
Law of Probable Dispersal:
Whatever it is that hits the fan will not be evenly distributed.

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