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Re: OpenOffice.org 3.0 Already on Millions of PCs

Peter Köhlmann wrote:
> LusoTec wrote:
>> Apple's pricing strategy is not competitive but why did not Apple made a
>> stronger effort to compete in Europe?
> I don't know, and frankly, it does not interest me.
> Apple computers are overpriced junk, and OSX is garbage compared to linux

I think Apple did a great job putting OSX together. Most of the kernel was
taken from Mach and FreeBSD kernel. The user space tools are FreeBSD with
minor changes. The GUI is based on NextStep but with major changes. The
result is a very solid and capable system.

That said two things annoy me about OSX. The first is the Aqua interface, it
just does not work for me and there is not way to change it (at least I
have not found a way to do it). The other is the lack of recognition on the
contribution of others outside Apple to OSX. The way Apple marketers (and
fans) talk about OSX seams that Apple made it all. I know that they are
just selling their product but it is still very disrespectful. Ok, the
second annoyance is not caused by OSX but it is still hard to swallow.

>> Looking at the iPhone campaign we can see that Apple knows how to sell so
>> why not do the same for the Mac PCs?
> The iPhone is not nearly as successful here as it was in the US.

For a first timer to the mobile phone business in a mostly saturated market
it was impressive. Once the novelty wears off lets see how they perform but
for the moment they are in the game.

>> I only have a significant experience in Portugal regarding market share.
>> Here Macs are rare but I don't have values to give.
> Well, our apps are used by a wide variety of customers. Of those, exactly
> *one* actually uses Macs, but not exclusivly.
> Several use linux, though. They ask for native linux-versions. The
> Mac-customer does not. He can use the windows-version and it is OK for
> him. There will probably never be a Mac-version of our apps, simply
> because there is no demand at all. But even if there were 10 customers
> using Macs (in germany alone, that is), it would not warrant doing a
> Mac-port.
> Although I have started porting the apps (using QT), there still will be
> no Mac-version. QT is available for Mac too, but I still will not bother.
> The initial costs to port it to Mac would not be made back in several
> years

I develop in GNU/Linux and usually only build for GNU/Linux and Windows,
usually using cross-compile in GNU/Linux using MingW and test using wine,
but have build environments Windows, GNU/FreeBSD and Mac OS X setup. These
build environments are setup in virtual machines.

With a single command I can build for them all. It starts the virtual
machines, copies the tar ball, uncompresses, configures, makes, tests,
packages, copies the package back and terminates the virtual machine. It
took some work to get everything automated and I don't use it much but just
saying that I can do it makes me look cool. Am I a geek or what? :)


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