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Re: A good UI is a waste of time according to Roy.

"Roy Schestowitz" <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> stated in post
2353080.sqRqsDb4bn@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx on 10/20/08 4:27 PM:

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> ____/ Snit on Monday 20 October 2008 22:55 : \____
>> "TomB" <tommy.bongaerts@xxxxxxxxx> stated in post
>> S87Lk.9039$Qh1.7880@xxxxxxxxxxxxx on 10/20/08 2:57 PM:
>>> On 2008-10-20, Snit was urged to write the following:
>>>> On Linux, however, the norm is to have a mish-mash of different UIs... and
>>>> programs that use the UI guidelines they are theoretically designed for
>>>> only
>>>> poorly.  My screenshots are now a bit outdated, but here are examples of
>>>> what I mean:
>>>> From PCLOS:
>>>>     Poorly done menus
>>>>     <http://tmp.gallopinginsanity.com/PCLOS-menu.pdf>
>>> Let's get the same argument out of the closet then...
>>> In there are at least four programs that run on Windows as well:
>>> Firefox, mplayer, Xchat and OpenOffice. So the same inconsistancy is
>>> valid for Windows as well...
>> Your conclusion is fairly sound - but your reasoning to get to it is flawed:
>> those programs, other than maybe the first, are not the norm for Windows.
>> Still, it would be better for the other to fit the standards as well - no
>> argument against that from me!
> Apple has consistent (binary! Yucky!!) build-in apps and so does KDE.

I assume you mean OS X when you say "Apple", after all, Apple does have
other platforms (the iPod/iPhone, etc.).  There is no distro of any OS
called "KDE".  Why would you compare an OS with KDE?

> All platforms have ISVs and third-party applications though, so the so-called
> 'inconsistencies' remain.

One: the inconsistencies are not "so-called", they are real.

Two: on OS X it is not just Apple software that follows the basic UI
guidelines (similar print and save dialogs, same widgets on windows, same
placement of preferences and other common menu items, etc.)  Even with the
above listed OpenSource software I have shown how there is a focus to make
them be "native"... they are certainly not made by Apple!  Read the MS blogs
- their Mac group struggles to make their software as Mac-like as
possible... as does Adobe for its Mac applications.

> Just because Apple shoppers 'drink', consume and embrace anything Apple gives
> (no matter the bugs and cost) doesn't mean the platform 'magically' makes
> things consistent.

You bizarrely limited the conversation to just Apple-provided software and
then pretend that your doing so somehow says something about "Apple
shoppers".  Do you see your error in doing so?

It usually takes me more than three weeks to prepare a good impromptu
speech. -- Mark Twain

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