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Re: A good UI is a waste of time according to Roy.

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____/ Snit on Monday 20 October 2008 22:55 : \____

> "TomB" <tommy.bongaerts@xxxxxxxxx> stated in post
> S87Lk.9039$Qh1.7880@xxxxxxxxxxxxx on 10/20/08 2:57 PM:
>> On 2008-10-20, Snit was urged to write the following:
>>> On Linux, however, the norm is to have a mish-mash of different UIs... and
>>> programs that use the UI guidelines they are theoretically designed for
>>> only
>>> poorly.  My screenshots are now a bit outdated, but here are examples of
>>> what I mean:
>>> From PCLOS:
>>>     Poorly done menus
>>>     <http://tmp.gallopinginsanity.com/PCLOS-menu.pdf>
>> Let's get the same argument out of the closet then...
>> In there are at least four programs that run on Windows as well:
>> Firefox, mplayer, Xchat and OpenOffice. So the same inconsistancy is
>> valid for Windows as well...
> Your conclusion is fairly sound - but your reasoning to get to it is flawed:
> those programs, other than maybe the first, are not the norm for Windows.
> Still, it would be better for the other to fit the standards as well - no
> argument against that from me!

Apple has consistent (binary! Yucky!!) build-in apps and so does KDE. All
platforms have ISVs and third-party applications though, so the
so-called 'inconsistencies' remain. Just because Apple shoppers 'drink',
consume and embrace anything Apple gives (no matter the bugs and cost) doesn't
mean the platform 'magically' makes things consistent.

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                ~~ Best of wishes

"I feel we are much too smug in dealing with Novell. Perhaps they didn’t hurt
us in DOS yet — but it’s not because of product or their trying. It’s because
we already had the OEMs wrapped up."
                --Jim Allchin, Microsoft
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