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Re: Ballmer says skip Vista

On 2008-10-17, William Poaster <wp@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On Sat, 18 Oct 2008 00:05:07 +0200, Peter Köhlmann wrote:
> Joerg Schilling works for OpenSolaris &, as i've pointed out elsewhere,
> some say that his blogs reflect hostility towards Linux.
> There's a long thread in the "linux-kernel" mailing list from 2005: 
> Joerg Schilling flames Linux on his Blog

This is from README.ATAPI in the cdrecord distribution:

When cdrecord has problems with ATAPI drives on Linux this usually is a
Linux kernel problem. The Linux kernel maintainers unfortunately refuse
to correct their current IDE driver system setup which does not support
ATAPI by default.  ATAPI _is_ SCSI over IDE transport. It is hard to
understand why Linux still uses a default driver setup that is designed
for IDE CD-ROM drives made before 1994 (using a IDE compat mode that
only allows to use the drive read-only) and does not handle to send SCSI
commands to ATAPI drives by default. This makes it hard for people who
just started with Linux to do CD-writing on Linux if they own an ATAPI
drive. Both Linus Torvalds and Alan Cox admit that they don't own a
CD/DVD writer, how should they know about the problems?

There are bugs with the DMA implementation that are known for many years
but they don't get fixed.


Do you think he is correct in his criticism of the Linux kernel's
implementation of the ATAPI protocol?


Gentoo Linux - Penguin Power

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