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Re: [News] Getting Rid of Novell/Microsoft Mono and Moonlight

On 2009-04-30, Lusotec <nomail@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> JEDIDIAH wrote:
>> Doctor Smith wrote:
>>> Try paying for it.......
>>> http://www.amazon.com/Outer-Limits-Original-Season-1/dp/B000068V9R
>>> Oh, sorry, you're a freetard.
>>> My mistake.
>>     So? When does your treasury note bonfire start?
>>     There are multiple potential problems with shelling out good money
>> for Outer Limits. To start with, the show is old enough that it should
> Copyrights are being extended to a point that is becoming ridiculous. Most
> of us will be dead by the time current material passes to the public domain
> and that is assuming that the copyrights duration are not extended even
> more.
>> This show should be fair game for any 
>> one that ones to torrent it far and wide. Second, it's a show that is
>> also in heavy rotation in broadcast. It's absurd to "pay" for something
>> that you can get still get for free sans DRM. Then there's the whole
>> Hulu thing (which is probably what the OP was talking about).
>>     What kind of MORON pays for something when the owner is giving
>> it away for free?
> A nostalgic moron! LOL

    Well, Hulu does have the problem of commercials.

    Broadcast has the problem of mutiliating everything.

    So a buying a dirtcheap DVD set might not be a bad idea. I like
the show and all and it is an immortal classic but it's WAAAY down
my own wishlist.

>> How many seasons of broadcast TV do you own on DVD "big spender"?
> A few, mostly "old" animation series I saw as a kid. I still can't find the
> best one of all, "The Mysterious Cities Of Gold", and I would love to
> review it again.

    That remark was primarily directed at the fool who was trying to call
you a thief. Most of this stuff is still being "given away for free by the
owner" so I don't really expect people to buy it.

     I expect the OP is a total hypocrite.

	vi isn't easy to use.				 |||
							/ | \
	vi is easy to REPLACE.

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