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Re: [News] Getting Rid of Novell/Microsoft Mono and Moonlight

> Doctor Smith wrote:
>> Try paying for it.......
>> http://www.amazon.com/Outer-Limits-Original-Season-1/dp/B000068V9R
>> Oh, sorry, you're a freetard.
>> My mistake.
>     So? When does your treasury note bonfire start?
>     There are multiple potential problems with shelling out good money
> for Outer Limits. To start with, the show is old enough that it should

Copyrights are being extended to a point that is becoming ridiculous. Most
of us will be dead by the time current material passes to the public domain
and that is assuming that the copyrights duration are not extended even

> This show should be fair game for any 
> one that ones to torrent it far and wide. Second, it's a show that is
> also in heavy rotation in broadcast. It's absurd to "pay" for something
> that you can get still get for free sans DRM. Then there's the whole
> Hulu thing (which is probably what the OP was talking about).
>     What kind of MORON pays for something when the owner is giving
> it away for free?

A nostalgic moron! LOL

> How many seasons of broadcast TV do you own on DVD "big spender"?

A few, mostly "old" animation series I saw as a kid. I still can't find the
best one of all, "The Mysterious Cities Of Gold", and I would love to
review it again.


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