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Re: [News] KDE 4.2 Advances: 'Built-in' Database, KWin Effects

On 2009-02-21, Ezekiel <there@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> "JEDIDIAH" <jedi@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message 
> news:slrngpuiko.qd8.jedi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>> On 2009-02-20, Ezekiel <somewhere@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>> "7" <website_has_email@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>>> news:coEnl.37784$Sp5.18334@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>>>> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>>>>> Hash: SHA1
>>>>> KDE 4.2 brings the MySQL server to the desktop
>>>>> ,----[ Quote ]
>>>>> | If you?re using Fedora 10, and are a KDE desktop user, you?ll notice
>>>>> | that your latest KDE 4.2 update, requires having a local MySQL 
>>>>> server
>>>>> | installed. This is due to Akonadi, part of the KDE PIM packages, 
>>>>> that
>>>>> | now rely on MySQL as a default server, for storing PIM data. Just a 
>>>>> few
>>>>> | months ago, I mentioned the news that Amarok 2 will also use MySQL 
>>>>> as a
>>>>> | default database.
>>>> They need to get that MySQL installer working properly - when that 
>>>> fails
>>>> it can take the whole KDE installation with it by bringing up very 
>>>> hairy
>>>> sounding error messages.
>>>> IMHO I think they could either fix it or warn users to install MySQL
>>>> first.
>>>> And then it can run smoothly.
>>>>> http://www.bytebot.net/blog/archives/2009/02/19
>>>> kde-42-brings-the-mysql-server-to-the-desktop
>>> Sounds like needless bloat to me. Desktop users now need a MySQL 
>>> database
>>> running on their local machine just to run KDE.... WTF?
>> ...it does seem like remarkable overkill. OTOH, mysql does have as a
>> redeeming quality the fact that it doesn't expose itself to the
>> outside world like sql server does.
> Since /you/ brought up SQL Server you do realize that just like MySQL, SQL 
> Server can be configured to also not expose itself to the outside world.

   "can be configured" is meaningless.

   "How it is actually configured by default" is far more significant.

   Somone who shills for the moron's platform should understand this distinction.

> It does seem like overkill given that this is often mentioned - "Akonadi 
> uses MySQL mainly as a cache, not as a data store."  Why use a full DB just 
> to 'cache' data.
>> OTOH, it's not terribly bloated either.
> It's less of an issue for desktop users than for people who may want to run 
> this on a laptop or netbook class machine.

    It's not an issue for them either. mysql was always built for speed.

     Apple: Because a large harddrive is for power users.
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