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Re: [News] Microsoft May be Giving Up on Win CE, Hires BSD Developers

Roy Schestowitz wrote:
New Sidekick Will Run NetBSD, Not Windows CE

,----[ Quote ]
| Many sites are reporting that the next Sidekick LX 2009/Blade, from Danger | (acquired by Microsoft early in 2008), is going to run NetBSD as their | operating system, causing Microsoft's recruiters to look for NetBSD | developers. `----


One might think this would hurt Linux by shutting Linux out of markets for low-power devices.

MS won't gain a lot by blocking Linux with anything other than Windows. Increased usage of any OS other than Windows contributes to the attractiveness of cross-platform development and works to break the OS monopoly.


Attracting Students to C# With FreeBSD

,----[ Quote ]
| Giga Information Group analyst Rob Enderle says Microsoft is trying to
| win the hearts and minds of computer science college students who are
| currently enamored of Linux and open source.
| | Giga's Enderle maintains Microsoft chose FreeBSD because it's "viewed
| as being neutral, whereas Linux is viewed as being a competing
| platform."


It could do minor damage by drawing some potential developers away from the GPL and fragmenting the free software movement.

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