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Re: What are Microsoft *really* good at ?

On Feb 3, 3:31 am, Hadron <hadronqu...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Rex Ballard <rex.ball...@xxxxxxxxx> writes:
> > On Feb 2, 7:48 pm, "Ezekiel" <Z...@xxxxx> wrote:
> >> "Rex Ballard" <rex.ball...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> > news:
> > 266ded66-8359-4f14-9887-0e5ab988b...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> >> > On Feb 2, 7:04 pm, "Ezekiel" <Z...@xxxxx> wrote:
> >> >> "Rex Ballard" <rex.ball...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> >>>news:ad5d7665-db9a-4731-a8b1-8ca2a2a6541b@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> >> >> > On Feb 2, 5:56 pm, ray <r...@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> >> > Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson, shortly after issuing his rulings of
> >> > law, and just before releasing the final remedy judgment told a
> >> > reporter that, based on the evidence presented in the case,
> >> > Microsoft's top executives were criminals and should face criminal
> >> > prosecution.

> >> I don't give a crap what Judge Jackson had to say or what his opinion was.
> >> Your claim is:

> > Jackson is a federal court judge, and had he been able to rule on
> > criminal charges, would have probably ruled against them.  He also
> > cited several criminal activities in his findings of law.

> Also, what he says is not what MS "admits to" as you claim.

Microsoft's defense was not that they didn't do it, but rather that it
was justified as "Corporate Self Defense".  They tried to claim that
any moment someone could come up with an innovation that would result
in the complete collapse of Microsoft.

> Your posts have recently taken on the tinge of desperation

You're probably right.  I should probably "mellow out" a little.

What I do find very frustrating is that the Linux and OSS community
has worked very hard to generate wonderful innovations including the
Web Browser, the low cost sub-notebook (OLPC), Linux in Firmware,
Virtualisation of servers and desktops, and numerous other innovations
designed to "Play Nice" with Windows, and Microsoft has not only
created massive contractural barriers, effectively tying the hands of
OEMS, preventing them from even attempting to explore the demand for
Linux, by offering systems where BOTH Windows AND Linux are installed
and play nicely together - allowing the CONSUMER, the END USER, to
decide whether to run Windows, Linux, or BOTH.

Then WinTrolls come onto this COLA group and claim that Vista must be
vastly superior to Linux and everything else on the market because
99.9% of the machines sold by Dell, HP, Acer, Lenovo, Toshiba, and
Sony are shipped with Linux pre-installed.  The OEMs buy more licenses
than they need, and aren't allowed to give buyers credit for the
licenses unless the the machine is shipped with Vista pre-installed
and running EXCLUSIVELY on the laptop or desktop.

The reality is that in the one scenario where Linux DID compete side-
by-side with Windows XP in a single niche market for a few months
before Microsoft shut down the retail channel, Linux machines outsold
XP machines 60% Linux, 40% Windows.

Microsoft has already been convicted of creating illegal barriers to
compettiion, has been fined $billions in the EU, Asia, and South
America, and yet the United States has been SUPPORTING Microsoft's
anticompetitive tactics - even in the face of a ruling that forbids
them from interfering with OEM attempts to market Linux on desktops
and laptops.

> almost nothing you can say can be proved or verified.

I provide supporting information, or Roy S does, and the topic is
flooded with "noise".  The topic gets changed.  I've read about 2,000
of the 9,000 exhibits in Combs vs Microsoft and it's very clear that
Microsoft has not only engaged in criminal acts, but knew they were
illegal, and knew that they were violating existing court settlements.

Microsoft paid off Ohio, and tried to have the court records sealed,
but the Judge ruled that those who had archived the documents while
they were in public domain had the right to publish them as public
domain documents.

Too bad those documents can't be used as discovery by the people who
had invested so much time and resources into innovations such as
VMWare, Xen, OLPC, Web, SOA, JavaScript, Java, and Windows.  Oh,
that's right, Microsoft has SETTLED with Apple, Sun, IBM, and was
found to be in contempt of court for shipping IE, and paid a whopping
$1 billion for Mosaic to Spyglass, who was only authorized to sell
them "branding rights".

The up-side is that nobody trusted the National Science Foundation or
the NCSA anymore, and started publishing most of their work under Open
Source licenses including GPL, LGPL, and Artistic (Apache) licenses.

Microsoft's latest tactic is to claim "damage to brand" if retailers
display Linux machines next to XP or Vista machines, and to file
lawsuits for copyright violation if machines are NOT sold with
corresponding Windows or Vista licenses.  Microsoft has tried to claim
that 80% of the machines not sold with Windows, such as the 40% of the
market that is "White Box" machines sold without an operating system
or with Linux preinstalled (common in Asia and South America), are
actually pirating Windows.  They are not willing to provide proof of
this in the form of actual piracy reports from Windows XP or Vista
systems themselves.

Who are the people Micrcosoft least wanted as Obama's Attorney
Elliot Spitzer?
John Edwards?
Hillary Clinton?

And look what happened to them?
At least Hillary got a good deal.

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