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Re: TALKING POINTS Microsoft Memo (Comes Antitrust)

George Barca wrote:

>On Mon, 26 Jan 2009 07:39:19 -0600, chrisv
><chrisv@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>ml2mst wrote:
>>>George Barca wrote:
>>>> One thing I find disturbing about the Linux/OSS community is that
>>>> As an example, how many people here use or program Windows by day
>>Oh, go fsck yourself, "George".
>>>Hear hear, someone with no posting history at all, suddenly claims
>>>*exactly* the tired bla blav as our resident trolls.
>>>There for I asume that "George Barca" is yet another Troll sock puppet.
>>I thought he was OK, until I saw the above garbage.
>You thought I was ok because I agreed with what you believe. As
>soon as I don't agree with you all of a sudden in your eyes I'm
>not ok. That's fine with me because I don't need, or want your

No, I thought you were OK because I didn't see dishonest bullshit from

Like your "disturbing" bullshit above, claiming that many in the
"Linux/OSS community" feel "entitled to everything for free", as if
the "Linux/OSS community" is any worse in this regard than the
population at large.

Windows users don't pirate Windows and Windows applications, "George"?
They don't unlawfully "share" copyrighted music and video?  Oh, of
course not - it's those Open-Source folks who are unusually unethical,
leading you to be "disturbed".

And then there's your "You're a hypocrite if you use Windows in your
day job but advocate Linux at night", right out of the Wintroll
handbook, and as assholish and fsckwitted a position as there is.


"Desktop Linux is riddled with issues."  -  "True Linux advocate"
Hadron Quark

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