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Re: OLPC Moves to ARM. Farewell, Windows XP?

Tim Smith wrote:
In article <gpc06c$70b$2@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
 Sermo Malifer <sermomalifer@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
So you're saying people who never saw a computer in their lives wanted

How did they decide they didn't want Linux without ever running a computer
in the first place?

Did you learn about third world countries by watching old cartoons?

No, did you?

Do you think they are all wearing grass skirts and dancing around the fire worshiping the volcano god, and have never seen any modern technology?

There are many places in this world with no electricity, no television, no radio, no phones, not even running water! It's not that they've never seen modern technology, it's that they don't have it, or any of the things that support it.

Hint: they have computers in third world countries. Many of their educators use computers, and are familiar with the available educational software, and know most of it is designed for Windows.

You have no business giving "hints" when you're so ignorant yourself.

"We have two pilot in Ghana, of about 40 laptops each. One in the capitol city of Accra, in a public school 4th grade classroom. This deployment has a server but no internet access. The other is in a rural village, Bonsaso, which by the way has no electricity (in the village, not just the school). For that deployment, individual solar panels were given to the students. At this writing, the rural deployment does not yet have a server or internet - we are waiting for a low-power server to be shipped."


That's just one example out of millions, Tim.

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