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Re: Linux Gets Bigger, But at the Same Time Faster

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____/ unionpenny@xxxxxxxxx on Saturday 07 March 2009 18:18 : \____

> On Mar 7, 7:58 am, Andrew Halliwell <spi...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Ezekiel <th...@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> > I guess it's easier for you to hide behind your Reiser gloating strawman
>> > then it is to address the real issue of why Reiser-FS completely collapsed
>> > and vanished when for years we've been hearing about how projects will
>> > continue because the "community" isn't dependent on any one company or
>> > person.
>> He murdered his wife, you moron.
>> Projects only survive as long as people want to support it.
> Hi Andrew,
> Lets bring some reality back to this exchange.
> Eze\kiel started this off with "So what ever happened to the Reiser-
> FS? It was also fast and was the standard file-system on several
> distros."  Yes, it was fast and did a whopping great job in situations
> where there are a staggering number of files.  Go download the headers
> for alt.binaries.boneless and let me know how many days that takes ...
> and that's just the headers, not the files.  (Don't do this with "pan"
> unless you filter what gets displayed.  Your system will go swap happy
> building the scrollable select box)  You should see about 40 million.
> Now do that for a few more heavy traffic news groups.  Commercial
> Usenet providers were some of the customers of Reiser's company
> Namesys.  For us normal users, there is no advantage in selecting
> Reiser-FS over others.
> SuSE allowed for the selection of Reiser-FS at install time.  It was a
> supporter of Namesys financially.  I think Red-Hat/Fedora put that in
> for a short time, not sure, maybe not.  I do not distro hop much and
> would be very interested to know which other distros had it as the
> default, or even a selectable item.
> In Ezekiel's earlier post he said "It's a shame what happened to Hans
> but surely a project as large as Reiser-FS wouldn't completely
> dissappear because of just one person."  Reiser and his company,
> Namesys, was a small time operation staffed by some smart people and
> headed by a brilliant man.  I don't know why Ezekiel thinks a large
> organization is needed to do ground breaking work in this field.  No
> large infrastructure is needed.  No foundries, no containment
> buildings.  Programmers build castles in the air.
>> It got shunned, big deal. No great loss.
> Actually, SuSE was the major distro to support Reiser-FS, and they had
> decided to drop it before Reiser's legal problems arose.  The problem
> was that only one person (who was in SuSE) outside of Namesys had
> enough knowledge of the code to make even minor bug fixes.  That made
> for a fragile and delicate situation.  This was discussed on LKML
> shortly after Reiser was arrested.  There is a clue in there somewhere
> for the Microsoft fanbois, but I doubt they will pick it up.
> "Shunned" puts the wrong twist on the situation.

Yes, that predates the incident and may have actually led to it (the rejection
of reiserfs leading to despair and aggression).

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