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Re: [News] MAFIAA Attacks Children, Professor Accuses MAFIAA of Abusing the Law

DFS wrote:

> High Plains Thumper wrote:
>> I found out that Girl Scouts are not permitted to sing or dance
>> to a boom box around a camp fire, due to the likes of
>> organisations like ASCAP.
>> http://archive.southcoasttoday.com/daily/08-96/08-23-96/b02li056.htm
>> It is nothing more than a pretense for greed, IMHO, not much
>> different than the patent FUD that Linux infringes on Microsoft's
>> software patents.
> And not any different than you going to work each day and demanding to be
> paid.
> You're an idiot, HPT

How is it the same - it's more like going to work for one day as a teenager
then expecting to be not only repeatedly paid again for that day's work for
the rest of your life but paid whenever anyone else in the world does the
same job you did on that day.

These people are doing the equivalent of a Carpenter making and selling one
chair then wanting to be paid again everytime someone sits on not only that
chair but any other chair made in a similar style.

How is it fair to claim (as some UK singers and bands from the 50's have
been doing) that still being paid for a days work (or just an hour or 2's
work in some cases) you did 50 years ago isn't enough and you want it
extended to 75+ years with the cash continuing to be paid to their
kids/grandkids if they don't live till the end of the 75 years all because
they churned out a non-physical product on that day?

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