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Re: [News] Why Business with Free Software Trumps the Old Model

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____/ Lusotec on Wednesday 12 August 2009 10:24 : \____

> Moshe Goldfarb wrote:
>> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>>> Building a business selling open-source software
>>     "There are two types of people, those who will spend money
>> to save time, and those who will spend time to save money.
>> Striking a balance is important for any open-source company
>> getting into one of the new markets now emerging on line."
>> IOW Linux and FOSS is free as long as your time has little
>> value.
> In my professional experience, GNU/Linux has been a major time and money
> saver, compared to Windows. Try to administer hundreds of Windows machines
> and then do the same with GNU/Linux machines and you will see how inferior
> Windows is.

One study showed that a Windows admin can handle 10 machines (server) at the
same time a Linux admin handles 44.

>> "With this in mind, Walling deprecates open source for failing
>> to make software easy and intuitive for its users. While this
>> may be true of community-led open source, it's emphatically not
>> true of commercial open source, which has arisen to fill the
>> functional and procedural gaps Wallings points to as ways to
>> beat open source."
>> IOW it takes money to make a quality product and the basement
>> ware free stuff doesn't qualify.
> FOSS like Linux kernel, *BSD kernel, Xorg, Apache, MySQL, Firefox, and many
> many other FOSSs are mostly developed by professional paid to do so. It
> takes good developers and time to make a quality product, not necessarily
> money and definitely not just money.

The Linux kernel, Xorg, Apache, MySQL, and Firefox are all made by companies
where people are paid a good wage.

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