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[News] Need for Tolerance of the Political Side of GNU/Linux

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Of course its Political!

,----[ Quote ]
| For the people who want to stay out of politics and just concentrate on 
| technical issues, that is great. Just don't be too harsh on people who 
| realize that politics is also important and they put their energy into that. 
| A healthy middle ground would be the best. It would be nice to see companies 
| supporting GNU/Linux and taking it seriously. It seems that slowly, hardware 
| and software manufacteurrs are getting the hint but it has been a long and 
| hard battle which will continue for quite a long time to come. It is not easy 
| to ignore politics and especially for a software revolution such as 
| GNU/Linux.         



Yes Linus, Microsoft hating is a disease. And it's a pandemic

,----[ Quote ]
| Torvalds seemed to express indifference to the submission which he dismissed
| as only being about device drive code. If he looks at it at all it will be
| after it has been filtered through others, and even then only out of a sense
| of âmorbid curiosityâ apparently. The code is concerned with virtualizing
| GNU/Linux as a guest in Windows. That tells you a lot about Microsoftâs
| motives. If clients canât run GNU/Linux on Hyper-V, Windowsâ virtualization
| software, it makes it more likely that they would migrate to wholly free and
| open source systems running on wholly free and open systems.

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