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Re: [News] A Look at Ubuntu Linux Software Store

bbgruff wrote:

> Attila wrote:
>> Moshe Goldfarb wrote:
>>> Can't say.
>>> I'm talking about selling *anything* to the Linux community.
>>> They expect everything for free and for someone else to do all
>>> the work.
>>> See Loki and ID Software, amongst others for details.
>> Well Moix, that's quite a claim. Is there any empirical basis to it? No
>> one
>> every questioned me about what I  pay for and what I don't. I can't
>> recall every receiving a questionnaire in the post or by email. Or
>> perhaps this is a spiritual things? The baby godlet poohbear came to you
>> in a vision and revealed it to you. Is that it? And God said, "So the
>> Freetards came unto Bethlehem and refused to pay admission to see the
>> nativity and so were condemned to use Gnu/Linux for eternity. And they
>> all rejoiced in their freedom and never had to pay for anything ever
>> again and became happy and prospered" Stallman 5:12. So it was written;
>> so it shall be. ;) Attila, The Freetard from Hell
> I'll have to read through that a few times, but (with respect) my first
> impression is that you are taking the p**s out of the poor, demented
> sole(sic!)......
BeeBee, take the p**s?? moi?!?!? You know me better than that. I am always 
totally sincere.

Yeah, it takes a few reading but we had to study the Book of Stallman for 
years in Freetard School so after a while it just comes naturally. Your 
final comment contains more than a grain of truth. Remember the famous 
saying, "it's like bringing soles to Dover". ;) Or, you can take the 
freetard out of Linux but you can't take Linux out of the freetard. (or 
words to that effect; my free(tard) translation from the original Finnish.)
Attila, The Freetard from Hell

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