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[News] Android (Linux) Kicks iPhone (Apple) in the Guts

  • Subject: [News] Android (Linux) Kicks iPhone (Apple) in the Guts
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 05 Jan 2010 16:01:45 +0000
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Demand for Android phones makes 'monstrous' 250% jump

,----[ Quote ]
| A "monstrous" jump in demand for Android-
| equipped smartphones has turned the market 
| upside down, a retail pollster said today.
| Of the people who told ChangeWave Research 
| in a mid-December survey that they planned 
| to buy a smartphone in the next 90 days, 
| 21% said they expected to purchase a 
| handset powered by Google's Android 
| operating system. That number represented 
| a 250% increase over the 6% that pegged 
| Android as their mobile OS of choice when 
| ChangeWave last queried consumers' plans 
| in September.


Survey Shows Android Gaining Smartphone Ground

,----[ Quote ]
| Google's Android mobile operating system 
| is finally picking up a little steam, 
| according to a recent survey. ChangeWave 
| Research polled over 4,000 consumers in 
| mid-December and found that 4 percent of 
| respondents who own a smartphone now use 
| Android--that's up from a measly 1 percent 
| in the previous September 2009 survey.


Android vs. iPhone: Let's Get Ready to Rumble

,----[ Quote ]
| The study, based on a survey of about 
| 4,000 consumers, shows interest in Android 
| nearly tripling from September to December 
| of 2009. In September, about 6 percent of 
| respondents said an Android phone was in 
| their future. By December, that number was 
| up to 21 percent.


Five Predictions for Google's Nexus One

,----[ Quote ]
| There has been a frenzy of rumors 
| circulating about Google's foray into the 
| mobile handset market since it was first 
| discovered that Google might be working on 
| such a device. Based on the prevailing 
| rumors and speculation, here are five 
| predictions for what we can expect from 
| the Nexus One.



Mobile Game-Changers: What to Keep Your Eye on in 2010

,----[ Quote ]
| Android: The New Smartphone Superstar
| Will Apple own mobile applications?
| Perhaps, but with the launch of the Android
| OS and some slick devices: Droid, HTC
| Dream, HTC Eris and the much anticipated
| Nexus One expect more developers to take
| advantage of the openness of this new
| platform. Having the ability to push apps
| live without an approval process, make
| quick updates and leverage open source,
| along with some very cool mobile features
| like the accelerometer and a larger
| developer community, will certainly put
| Android in the race for the most popular
| mobile OS.


Review: Motorola Milestone

,----[ Quote ]
| If you've somehow managed to get through
| the festive period without picking up a new
| phone and you have some change in your
| pocket to use to that end, there are many
| things to love about the Motorola
| Milestone, one of the strongest new
| contenders to the iPhone's well-deserved
| crown.
| Engineered to incorporate the Google-backed
| Android operating system, there's some
| impressive hardware behind efforts to fully
| realize Google's vision for mobile
| computing and telephony, delivered through
| a clean and responsive 3.7-inch touchscreen
| and powered by a 550 Mhz processor which
| helps clear up the speed issues which
| troubled earlier Android handsets.
| [...]
| For the advantages over an iPhone, the list
| is a long one - a superior camera, for a
| start, as well as the ability to run apps
| in the background - so that you can, for
| example, write an email while listening to
| music (the phone incorporates a standard
| headphone jack, and filling it with your
| favourite mp3s is a breeze). But it lacks
| the polish that an Apple product delivers,
| and, at Â450 for the hardware alone, is
| certainly on the pricey side - on top of
| that you're going to need an unlimited data
| plan to even scratch the surface of the
| phone's potential, as well as minutes and
| texts.


Adaptive Digital Technologies Joins Arm Solution Center for Android

,----[ Quote ]
| Adaptive Digital has been providing VoIP
| solutions to the industry for over fifteen
| years to eighty-five customers who deploy
| equipment worldwide. By participating in
| the ARM Solution Center for Android, and
| making available the anVoip voice engine
| for Android, Adaptive Digital has placed
| itself in a strategic position to provide
| its mature, field-hardened VoIP software to
| the exploding market of Android-based
| handsets, Mobile Internet Devices (MIDS)
| and Netbooks.


OS war - Android on its way


The Androidification of Everything

,----[ Quote ]
| The bigger indicator of momentum for Android
| is the excitement it has generated in the
| semiconductor industry. EETimes reports
| that, in addition to chip companies ARM and
| MIPS, semiconductor design firms such as
| Aricent and Mentor Graphics have established
| special Android-focused businesses.
| Freescale Semiconductor is working on an
| Android-based netbook design, as is
| Qualcomm.


Android Phones to Challenge iPhone Supremacy

,----[ Quote ]
| Now bitter industry rival SK Telecom is
| looking to generate just as much buzz by
| getting out of the gate early on premium
| phones powered by the Google-backed Android
| operating system.
| SK Telecom, the country's biggest mobile
| telephony operator, currently plans to release
| its first Android phone, produced by Motorola,
| sometime around mid-January, industry sources
| said.


T-Mobile G1 To Get Android OS Upgrade?

,----[ Quote ]
| AndroidSpin, an Android focused news site, has
| reported that the very first Android based
| smartphone, the T-Mobile G1, will be getting
| an over-the-air update.
| This will upgrade its software with Android
| 2.0 or possibly Android 2.1, which
| incidentally is the operating system of soon-
| to-launch Nexus One also know as the Google
| Phone.


First android-based tablet pc for india

,----[ Quote ]
| Notion Ink, a Hyderabad-based technology
| start-up, has developed the first touchscreen
| tablet which uses Googleâs open source
| operating system Android, Nvidiaâs yet-to-be
| launched Tegra processor chips and a power-
| saving display screen from the US-based
| fabless developer Pixel Qi.


Android is big in the mobile OS game

,----[ Quote ]
| Google's Android OS has made a quick and big
| impression on US mobile users.
| User statistics compiled by the firm show
| that Android has had an impact on Americans
| already and is the second most popular
| platform for accessing social media sites
| and mobile media.


Forrester: Google Android Smartphones to Take 10% of Market in 2010

,----[ Quote ]
| 3. Mobile devices based on the Google Android
| operating systems will take 10% of the mobile
| device market in 2010. According to Forrester
| that uptake will be due to "heavy industry
| support" from Qualcomm (QCOM), Verizon (VZ),
| Motorola (MOT) and Google (GOOG), as well as
| the growing embrace of the open OS by
| developers.

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