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Re: Apple Malware Patent

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____/ GreyCloud on Thursday 07 Jan 2010 18:09 : \____

> Alexis Machine wrote:
>> On 07 Jan 2010, GreyCloud wrote:
>>>  but a larger question looms as
>>> to why they'd fund a non-native american.
>> Surely you're not one of those who still believes that nonsense about where
>> Obama was born.
> Why did wallstreet fund more than 10 million $$$ to hide this fact from
> the public?
> You can find a lot of these things on the net, but when obama himself
> does the freudian slip on where he was born, then the question is up for
> grabs and is legitimate.  There is even the qeustion about McCains
> eligibility for being president, as well as EisenHower if you want to go
> back that far.  The problem is this:  there isn't any agency or legal
> group that checks for this constitutional requirement.

There's his birth certificate and a report in the newspaper from that time.
It's not fake.

Besides, what would the PR agents behind "Hope" have to gain by taking people from
another country and grooming them? It doesn't make sense.

If there was at least a motive, then....

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