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Re: Apple Malware Patent

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____/ GreyCloud on Monday 11 Jan 2010 00:41 : \____

> Mark Kent wrote:
>> GreyCloud <mist@xxxxxxxxxxx> espoused:
>>> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>>>> Hash: SHA1
>>>> ____/ GreyCloud on Thursday 07 Jan 2010 18:12 : \____
>>>>> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>>>>>> Hash: SHA1
>>>>>> ____/ GreyCloud on Thursday 07 Jan 2010 06:56 : \____
>>>>>>> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>>>>>>>> -----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE-----
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>>>>>>>> ____/ GreyCloud on Tuesday 05 Jan 2010 22:59 : \____
>>>>>>>>> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
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>>>>>>>>>> ____/ Mark Kent on Monday 04 Jan 2010 12:16 : \____
>>>>>>>>>>> nessuno <nessuno7491@xxxxxxxxx> espoused:
>>>>>>>>>>>> On Jan 3, 12:42 pm, Mark Kent <mark.k...@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>>>>>>>>>>>> Homer <use...@xxxxxxxxxx> espoused:
>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Verily I say unto thee, that Chris Ahlstrom spake thusly:
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> We have the best legislators money can buy!
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Now, excuse me whilst I render unto Caesar what is Caesar's....
>>>>>>>>>>>>>> I thought Emperor Obama usurped Caesar in a slaves' rebellion?
>>>>>>>>>>>>> I think Obama must be the first man in history whose first
>>>>>>>>>>>>> significant internationally impacting act *after* receiving the
>>>>>>>>>>>>> Nobel Peace Prize was to send 30,000 troups into a foreign
>>>>>>>>>>>>> country.
>>>>>>>>>>>> He didn't ask for the Nobel prize.  I don't think he wanted it.
>>>>>>>>>>> I didn't think that you could ask for one, and I certainly wouldn't
>>>>>>>>>>> have awarded this one had I had the choice.
>>>>>>>>>>> I think that the Nobel prize has been permanently undervalued by
>>>>>>>>>>> this precipitous and ill-advised move.
>>>>>>>>>> Maybe time will tell. It's the military industrial complex sending
>>>>>>>>>> these troops; Obama is hopeless when it comes to making decisions at
>>>>>>>>>> the macro level -- those he would deliberately avoid discussing
>>>>>>>>>> before the election (the PR team would guide him).
>>>>>>>>>> They would only show him evidence that's required to have him
>>>>>>>>>> convinced that he does the right thing. It was the same with Blair
>>>>>>>>>> and Bush.
>>>>>>>>> Obama really isn't in the position to make these calls as people would
>>>>>>>>> believe him to be.  All of the above mentioned leaders, if that is
>>>>>>>>> what we want to call them, obey their orders from a higher unseen and
>>>>>>>>> nonpublic group of people.  It has been that way since EisenHower
>>>>>>>>> warned of the industrial military complex and the international
>>>>>>>>> banking system.
>>>>>>>> The banking industry funded Obama's election campaign (except the
>>>>>>>> volunteers).
>>>>>>> Now take it a step further.  Who or whom ( and that is the big
>>>>>>> challenge) are or is the banking industry?  And whom or who heads it?
>>>>>>> Wallstreet banksters funded his campaign, but a larger question looms as
>>>>>>> to why they'd fund a non-native american.  There is still that big
>>>>>>> question about his legitimacy in this regards, as it seems no one or
>>>>>>> authority checks into the birth rights of candidates.  Even McCain was
>>>>>>> in question.  I've heard and seen the many proofs of Obamas birth
>>>>>>> certificates, but no real hard evidence or proof.  Even Dwight D.
>>>>>>> EishenHower has a few quirks in his legitimacy as well and have been
>>>>>>> documented that he has lied.  So, after much reflection on our own
>>>>>>> history, we over here have been lied to... big time!
>>>>>> No, they have many copies and proof of his birth in Hawaii. Even the guy
>>>>>> representing those who accuse of Obama of lying admits he's just a puppet
>>>>>> to their slanderous cause.
>>>>> Odd that even Obama doesn't really know where he was born.  After all,
>>>>> he did spend over $10million to hide this fact and this fact is
>>>>> documented out there.
>>>>> As I've posted earlier, there is no agency or legal group that checks
>>>>> for constitutional eligibility for presidency.
>>>>> Obama is just another member of a long line of puppet presidents since
>>>>> 1913.
>>>> It's doubtful that he faked (Bush faked/destroyed him shameful military
>>>> record), but I agree that he was groomed (also by Nobel) to become a world
>>>> manager for those who lead him.
>>> You'd be surprised at the skulldudgery involved.  People here are slowly
>>> waking up to the lies.
>> I'm not sure I'd be surprised, but I take your point well enough.
>> Besides, have you ever heard of an honest politician?  Is there such a
>> thing?  In fact, what is honesty anyway?  One feels a philosophical
>> debate coming along here :-)
> The problem seems to go way back... enough for Will Rodgers to make the
> statement "We've got the best politicians money can buy".

"Honest" politicians are ones that manage to /look/ honest. Obama is one such man.

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