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Re: Apple Malware Patent

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____/ High Plains Thumper on Saturday 09 Jan 2010 12:11 : \____

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> GreyCloud on Thursday:
>>> Alexis Machine wrote:
>>>> GreyCloud wrote:
>>>>> but a larger question looms as to why they'd fund a non-native
>>>>> american.
>>>> Surely you're not one of those who still believes that nonsense
>>>> about where Obama was born.
>>> Why did wallstreet fund more than 10 million $$$ to hide this fact
>>> from the public? You can find a lot of these things on the net, but
>>> when obama himself does the freudian slip on where he was born,
>>> then the question is up for grabs and is legitimate.  There is even
>>> the question about McCains eligibility for being president, as well
>>> as EisenHower if you want to go back that far.  The problem is
>>> this:  there isn't any agency or legal group that checks for this
>>> constitutional requirement.
>> There's his birth certificate and a report in the newspaper from that
>> time. It's not fake.
>> Besides, what would the PR agents behind "Hope" have to gain by
>> taking people from another country and grooming them? It doesn't make
>> sense. If there was at least a motive, then....
> Roy, what you state makes common sense.
> Theories and speculations abound, like the World Trade Center in New
> York, that it was a US government conspiracy, the government detonated
> explosives in the buildings.  Theorists base this on the way the
> buildings fell straight down as in carefully placed explosives, ignoring
> the fact that an extremely hot fire load of large quantities of Jet A
> flammable weakened columns causing the collapse.  Professional
> engineering reports substantiated that.
> These theories make as much sense as the FUD the anti-Linux
> propagandists claim about Linux, that it makes for a fine server
> environment but fails miserably as a desktop.  This of course is totally
> false.  Anyone who has tried Linux knows that.
> Also these anti-Linux propagandists theorize how Linux fails at
> professional editing of Karaoke MIDI backing tracks for professional
> singers, when Linux is used by professional movie studios for editing
> and producing cinema quality special effects.

Microsoft has always been more ubiquitous somewhere in the middle. GNU/Linux reigns the top 
servers, Apple reigns the top desktops (rich people with more money money than
sounds judgment). GNU/Linux also grows fast at the bottom (sub-notebooks, phones, devices)
where Microsoft is lagging and Apple catches up (iPhone).

In studios, GNU/Linux is used at the high tier and Windows is ubiquitous among 
home users (aka amateurs). The same goes for Apple.

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