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Re: Call for moderation and mediation: debian-live vs. debian-live-ng

On Monday 23 November 2015 11:11:41 Theodore Ts'o wrote:
> Very often in this hypothetical situation, the best thing to do is to
> not to dignify said unsubstantiated article with a reply.  A reply
> means there's controversy, and controversy means more attention.  And
> unless you are willing to drag everything out and try to litigate in
> the court of public opinion --- which you are not guaranteed to win,
> even if you are in the "right".  And so very often the best advice
> that a public relations expert will give you is to simply ignore the
> unsubstantiated article.

In hypothetical situation I tend to agree.
In this particular situation a controversy itself in not a problem but lack 
of response is. Conflicts are discussed and handled by CTTE fairly often.
A balanced CTTE-like statement with brief description of changes could 
demonstrate that we are not ignoring problems. My concern for controversy is 
that reading only one side of story may quickly produce one-sided opinion but 
it is not that easy when alternative view is presented. And "guaranteed to 
win" does not matter. Sometimes one have to do the right thing even if there 
are no chances to win.

 Dmitry Smirnov.


Our difficulties and our dangers will not be removed by closing our eyes on
        -- Winston Churchill

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