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Thank you (was: Re: Call for moderation and mediation: debian-live vs. debian-live-ng)

On Sat, Nov 21, 2015 at 03:46:30PM +0100, Thomas Goirand wrote:
> I hope everyone will understand why I wrote what I wrote and forgive me
> for it: I'm still sad to have witness all of this, even though I now
> understand there's nothing much that can be done.

More than understand, I want to thank you for it. Social issues matter,
and talking about them so we can clarify what's really happening is
important, provided we can do so in a civil way, with respect for the
other side. We did that here. The conclusion to this discussion will not
result in resolution for everyone involved, but at least everyone on
this list will understand why that is the case.

You could have fallen in the trap of spewing a lot of vitriol and not
listening to your fellow developers, as flame wars around social matters
tend to have a habit of doing. You didn't do that, however; moreover,
you managed to see the point of those having an opinion conflicting with
yours. That's quite exceptional within Debian.

Thank you!

It is easy to love a country that is famous for chocolate and beer

  -- Barack Obama, speaking in Brussels, Belgium, 2014-03-26

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