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Re: Call for moderation and mediation: debian-live vs. debian-live-ng

On 14132 March 1977, Thomas Goirand wrote:
> In the light of what the 3 replies, please only consider only the social
> part of the above, where I am saying that we should at least communicate
> a bit with Daniel. I still believe it's necessary.

I believe it won't help anything.

First off, the project hasn't done anything wrong to him here. There is
nothing the project needs to fix up there.

There has been something wrong done by members of a team in Debian. They
got kicked for that, they apologised. They adjusted stuff the way they
got asked to.

Even better, someone with a hat in Debian (FTPMaster, me) told them, in
the bug, in public, that their action isn't going to fly, and that they
are wrong. So there is even a kind of official reaction to it - before
there even was anything more than an ITP, fully supporting Daniel there.

Yet, Daniel has stopped his work, and obviously doesn't intend to start
it again. And noone else who makes an elephant out of this mouse seems
to take this in mind. If he wanted to, his live stuff would have been up
again. And this fact should be the only lines of a public statement that
Debian should do, if any - and that doesn't shed a good light on Daniel,
so better not.

>From all I know, being involved in the "Daniel story" since the
beginning, nothing except a "Oh we are all wrong, you are right, we use
your stuff only from now on" will change anything now - and this won't
happen, debian-cd wants something else, they get something else, their

If you want some talk with Daniel - go and do it. Noone stops you from
mailing him. But I don't see that there should be anything coming from
Debian. That is, nothing saying sorry to Daniel - not without saying
sorry to a LOT of other people to that got stepped on their toes a
little in the past with broken ITPs and similar actions. And didn't make
such a fuss.

And before you come with "Oh but he got so $whatever in the past from
us, he is different" - don't. I've been involved, I know what happened,
nothing of it happened without reason, we don't forcibly take loads of
packages from people or demote people to DM just for fun.

Please stop this thread, its such a waste of time and energy. :/

bye, Joerg
[-private note: All my parts in this post (or citation of them in
  		another) are forbidden to be made public later.]

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