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Re: Call for moderation and mediation: debian-live vs. debian-live-ng

On 21/11/15 14:23, Joerg Jaspert wrote:
> On 14132 March 1977, Thomas Goirand wrote:
>> In the light of what the 3 replies, please only consider only the social
>> part of the above, where I am saying that we should at least communicate
>> a bit with Daniel. I still believe it's necessary.
> I believe it won't help anything.
> First off, the project hasn't done anything wrong to him here. There is
> nothing the project needs to fix up there.
> There has been something wrong done by members of a team in Debian. They
> got kicked for that, they apologised. They adjusted stuff the way they
> got asked to.

I don't know what you guys think about it, but having read a bunch of
comments to the ‘news’ articles on this topic in multiple languages I
see that mostly the ‘news’ present this as aggression of one of the
Debian teams to a leader of a project, and comments are mostly ‘Debian
people are such arseholes’.

And I fully understand this impression the situation has created in
outsiders' minds, because they've got no context at all what has
happened inside of Debian project. We need to give the context, I think.
Because as it is now, we do indeed look bad. Some action is required, I


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