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Re: Code of Conduct complaint about Linus's comments at DC14

2014-09-04 12:35 GMT+02:00 MJ Ray <mjr@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> Tollef Fog Heen wrote:
>> It's pretty common that the outcome is explicitly not communicated to
>> the complainants, since it's actually none of their business.  They
>> should receive a «we have received your complaint» message, though.
> This isn't my experience of complaints processes used by various
> activist groups I've helped over the years. I don't understand how
> anyone would have faith in a system where they can't spot the difference
> between a rejected complaint and negligence by inaction.

In my opinion, if someone makes a complain, they should be notified
both of the outcome of the complain as well as the outcome of each
relevant step. Otherwise whatever complain system is doomed to to end
up invariably in administrative silence, as it is the easiest way to
deal with stuff.

I think that if someone makes a complain, it is indeed somehow some of
their business, because otherwise they wouldn't even bother. A
different question would be how much of the outcome and managed
information should be communicated, but in any case the best approach
would be to be as transparent as possible, depending on the many
factors involved, the circumstances and the possible consequences, of


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