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Re: Code of Conduct complaint about Linus's comments at DC14

Steve Langasek <vorlon@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Ian is correct that there were FSF people in the audience.  But the FSF
> people in the audience were also Debian people.  If those people would like
> me as an organizer to apologize for Linus being given a soapbox at DebConf,
> I will do so - because I genuinely /am/ sorry that this happened.  But I
> think it's nonsensical for Debian to apologize to the FSF over something
> that offends people who are part of *both* organizations, and who are
> entirely capable of grasping the nuance of Linus being a non-Debian person
> expressing views that Debian does not share towards one of Debian's partners
> in the community.

I was in the audience (and stayed there, deciding against trying to jump
the queue or take the session into overtime to rebut/question the
accusations, which everyone may be surprised to learn I think are
without foundation).

For context, Linus has used those words to describe the FSF, on video,
more than once before. I think he left out the "on drugs" part this
time. I know this because it is part of my job to collect criticism of
the FSF, sometimes suboptimally worded, and figure out which nuggets can
help us improve. I experienced that part of the Q&A through that filter.

I am thankful for people's concern and the supportive things said to me
after the event, at a personal level and for the FSF. While I think we
all owe better treatment to each other than what was on stage, I don't
think any DebConf organizers, or any other Debian folks, owe me or the
FSF an apology.

(executive director @ FSF, not-active-enough debian developer in "free" time)

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