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Re: [OT] Thunderbird Cross-platform Consistency

On Friday 19 August 2005 12:43, ComPCs wrote:

> In article <de4d6d$2n1o$3@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> says...
> [...]
>> I think they should remain in sync, at least as far as the top-level
>> features are concerned.
> I don't know, that's why I posted. I use a strict Windows environment,
> but have seen (on the Mac for example) differences in mainstream
> software at top level.
> Outlook Express was one such instance that differed somewhat, but I am
> going back to version 4 in my recollection!

I have an iMac with Outlook Express 5 next to me. The interface, menus and
pretty much anything else differ significantly from the OE5 version for
Windows. It's more of a fork rather than a version for another platform.

> I wish I could utilise Thunderbird a lot more for my own purposes, but I
> am 'duty bound' to use Outlook for my email, although 2003 is pretty OK
> for my purposes, it has to be said.

I heard good things about it with the exception of stability. I haven't used
it more than a few times and while it looks robust, I don't think it offers
more than Thunderbird. It locks all mail to Microsoft proprietary formats.
Mail settings, filters, etc. likewise, which means dependency on expensive
software and no freedom to share across platforms.

> I do like the 'configurability' of the Mozilla 'suite' though, there are
> some great hidden quirks and customisations in there.

Yes, there must be hundreds of extensions (one-click installations) and many
dozens of free themes...

> Glad you got it sorted ...



Roy S. Schestowitz

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