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Re: Graffiti question/annoyance

  • Subject: Re: Graffiti question/annoyance
  • From: AaronJ <noemail@noemail.com>
  • Date: Wed, 13 Jul 2005 06:49:40 GMT
  • Newsgroups: comp.sys.palmtops.pilot
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"J. Clarke" <jclarke.usenet@snet.net.invalid> wrote:

>One wonders why Xerox bothered with the suit--

Licensing money of course. Here's the quote: 

"Xerox always aggressively defends its patent portfolio -- a valuable corporate
asset. Today's ruling vindicates our position that our handwriting-recognition
patent was infringed. Either Palm will have to cease production of its hand-held
organizer or license the technology from Xerox," said Christina Clayton, Xerox
general counsel.

>they'd have made a lot more money by clobbering Apple over the Mac
>but they didn't bother then.

I don't know to what you refer to, but If they thought they could win/make
money, rest assured they'd have been hiring more lawyers... ;)

>I suspect that there was some sort of political motivation...

It's almost always about the money and happens a lot. For example the Graffiti
case was filed in 1997. That same year another lawsuit was filed by the Pilot
Pen Corporation against Palm over it's use of the name "Pilot".

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