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Re: Pen Strokes to Drain the Palm Memory

"AaronJ" <noemail@noemail.com> wrote in message 
> Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@schestowitz.com> wrote:
>>I still doubt the ability of pen strokes to bring the battery to complete
>>drainage... the Palm unit would insist on 'going to sleep'
> I dunno if the pen strokes work for sure, I've never tried them.
> But you can kill the battery with software. For example the Palm m5xx 
> series had
> a problem with static discharge. One accidental zap and it would scramble 
> the
> data that ran the PDA's USB port. You could still hotsync using a serial 
> port
> cable (which you had to go out and buy and was much slower), but you could 
> no
> longer hotsync with the USB cable that came with the unit. The only fix 
> was to
> completely kill the battery. Palm's official fix was to send you a SD card 
> with
> a program on it that killed the battery. Many chose to open the unit and
> disconnect the battery to avoid damage. (Killing a LI battery is bad for 
> it
> according to many sources.) And the part that sucked was that if you
> accidentally zapped it again, the problem was back again.

Yep - that's the problem I had when I had to use that magic sequence of 
keystrokes to kill the battery off completely overnight - sorry for being an 
idiot and confusing the situation. The main reason I posted a reply was to 
give the linkto the video showing ho wto open the thing up - I just added 
the penstoke bit to be even more helpful!!!! Ooops! 

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